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5 Best MacOS Tips and Timesavers

Best MacOS Tips and Timesavers – If you are using Mac Computer, then you are fortunate enough to use it at any workplace. This is because Apple computers are designed to work in any kind of workplace. You may take some time in getting accustomed to the ways of working with this OS or fixing the Bluetooth not available mac, but once you settle down with it, you end up getting things right. In fact, with the following MacOS Tips and Timesavers, working with this Operating System is fun, have a look at it:

5 methods and tips for macos timesavers

5 Methods & Tips For MacOS Timesavers

  1. Spotlight Unit Conversion

At workplaces, there are good amount of opportunities, which you would need to carry out the unit conversions at one point to the other. You are supposed to convert USD into Sterlings or stone in Pounds. The advent of Yosemite update has made this possible for the Mac users for making the unit conversions directly from Spotlight. This program can, therefore, offer you the best outcome of the calculation and many other options as well. With the help of Spotlight, you end up creating far faster rather than opening up the browsing and searching for things like a calculator.

  1. Print Screen

There is a good amount of chance, which you are going to catch the screen at one point in time and others. This can be a useful tool for site owners and graphic designers. The windows based OS, which gives the Snip Tool, but the Mac-based programs are even far better. With the hit Shift, Command all of the three at the same time. Within a few seconds, you can find the screen opening up, and you would be able to catch up the right portion of your screen. In this domain, one can find Mac beating the Windows.

  1. Voice Commands

Of late, we have seen Apple has gained good recognition when it comes to Voice Recognition. With a couple of updates, Apple is able to enhance the operating system in a big way. Today, it has become accessible to regular the Mac PC without anything but your voice as well. All you need to do is to press and hold the tabs of Space and Command together. Also, you have the option of clicking the Menu or Dock bar. This way you would be able to communicate with the help of Siri easily. You can even carry out some other mundane tasks using your voice with this feature.

  1. Get Superior Virus Protection

This could be the sole reason for any Windows-based user to Mac machines. The fact of the matter is the Mac-based PCs and devices are more secure than the windows. Once you settle down with the Mac Based PCs, then you do not have to worry about the viruses like what you do in a Windows-based PC.

  1. The Keyboard Shortcuts

The Keyboard shortcuts are the best ways of speeding up their work function in a significant way. The shortcuts can quickly enhance the typing speed once for all. For instance, using option C can help in adding quickly to having to type c, which demands a two-step action. At the same time, command C and Command V can be used as an option copying and pasting actions.

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