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Ark Survival : Ark Console Commands & Admin Commands


Many people are willing to know that how to use the ark admin commands list? As the complete lists of the commands have not released till yet, you can try some of them. Hence all the commands are here, you can try them by logging in.

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Admin Log in

The first step is to login as an admin is to use the ark admin commands ps4, here is the procedure of how you can do it.

  • Press the Tab button form the keyboard.
  • Type the following command

enablecheats <password>

the format has to be exactly the same mentioned here. For an example, you can use enablecheats ank787. This is the place from where you can give the ark survival evolved admin commands xbox one.

However, there is another way by which you can whitelist an admin. The following are the ways in which you can do that.

  • At first, you would have to create a file in the directory ShooterGame\Saved. It is called as:-


It should be like the following:-


Now you have the control of listing the stream64 ID’s. You can give authority to these ID’s at your own convenience. Give access to whatever ID you want and you are all set to use the admin commands ark without logging in as an admin.

Below is the list of the commands and their functions. You can use these ark survival evolved commands as the cheats. Use these commands without the opening and closing brackets.

  • Admin UI enable


This command is helpful in enabling the Admin UI. By enabling the UI you would have complete rights of the UI in your hands. This is one of the ark server commands.

  • Logging in as an admin


This command makes you able to log in as an administrator.

  • Allow Spectators with password
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<< request spectators <password>>>

This command would allow the people to view or be the spectators to the game. To do this, they must have the password.

  • Kill Character

<<Cheat enablespectator>>

This code would kill your character and would make you a spectator. Now, you don’t have any contribution to the game but you can only watch.

  • Kill the spectating

If you want to kill the spectator and get out of the game, then you can use the ark survival evolved cheats for killing the spectator. Here is the following code


If you use this code, your spectator would be canceled and you will get out of the game scenario.

  • Disabling and Enabling of the Cheats

<<Setcheatplayer false/true>>

This cheat code lets you enable and disable the cheat codes menu. This means that with this ark console commands, you can even enable or disable the ark survival cheat codes.

  • Whitelisting the steam ID

<<cheat AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <Steam64ID>>>

Using this code, you can whitelist the Steam ID of the person.

  • Removal of Whitelist of the person

<< cheat DisallowPlayerToJoinNoCheck>>

This code helps in to remove the whitelist of the person.

  • Message sending, joining the server

<< cheat SetMessageOfTheDay <message>>>

If you want to show the message of the day to the people who join in your server, then you can opt for this code. Send them a welcome message by using this code.

  • Broadcasting the message

<< cheat broadcast <message>>>

If you want to broadcast the message on the screen of everyone, who is within the network, then you can use the following code to flash the chat box on their screen. The command forcibly displays the chat box over the screen.

  • Send messages to the connected players

<< cheat ServerChat <Message>>>

If you want to send the messages to the players currently connected, then you can use the above-mentioned code.

  • Send messages by the names
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<< cheat ServerChatToPlayer <“PlayerName”>>>

This code is to send the messages to the particular users by their names. Just replace the player name by the name of the player in the code and the message would be sent to the player.

  • Send the messages by the ID name

<< cheat ServerChatTo <“Steam64ID”>>>

The above-mentioned code is used to send the messages to the connected players by the name of the User ID. These alternatives are for the fact that if you know either of the cases in name or the user ID, then you can select one.

  • Unlimited life, no death

<< cheat god>>

If you input this code then you cannot die in the game. You can play worry free without the fear of death. The only thing you can die is drowning.

  • Fly with the Cheatcode

<< cheat god>>

Using this code word, you get the ability to fly in the game.

  • Cancel the fly option

<<cheat walk>>

The cheat allows you to cancel your fly power and gets you back to the ground so that you can walk again.

  • Teleportation Cheat

<< cheat teleport>>

If you use the code then you can move forward in the direction of the character’s face. You would keep on moving and going forward until you hit an obstacle. If you don’t hit it, you would be taken to the co-ordination 0, 0.

  • Teleportation with the ID

<<cheat teleportplayeridtome <id>>>

The code is used to teleport a player with the ID. Just enter the ID of the player and he would be assigned with the ability of the teleportation.

So these are the codes that you can use in the computer login in or without the administrator panel of the game.

  • Change the speed of the game
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<< cheat slomo 5>>

You can use this code to slow down the speed of the server for the players. This makes the player in slow motion and this action can also be reverted back at the normal speed. This cheat code adds up more fun to the show.

  • Cross the walls and buildings

<< cheat ghost>>

By using this code, a person is able to pass through the walls of the buildings. This code can make a person ghost and gives him the ability to pass through the objects that come in the middle.

  • Fetching a dinosaur

<< cheat forcetame>>

Executing the code would get you a dinosaur. You can ride the dinosaur without any problem. So add up some spice to your gaming by adding up the dinosaur.

  • Taming


You can use this ark console commands for taming the creatures if they can be tamed. The feature of the code enables the creature like it has been tamed naturally and enables all the sounds effects, gives experience, dossier entry and all other features.

  • Forcefully tribe joining

<< cheat forceplayertojointargettribe <id>>>

This ark console commands is used to make a forceful join to the targeted tribe. There is a 9 digit ID of the player that you can know by seeing the list of the connected players.

  • Get infinite food, capacity and more

<< cheat infinitestats>>

If you use this code, you would get unlimited stamina, water, carrying capacity, and much more. If you want to disable the effect of the code then you rewrite the code. By this way, the code would get disable and you would jump back to the normal.

So this is the list of the codes that you can use while your gameplay.

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