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5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for College Students

Thanks to different smart applications, people fulfill all possible tasks and duties. They save time and energy. Besides, we can learn a lot from them. Thus, students can use various inventions to learn easier and more productively. One of the options college students should use is cloud-based technology.

Remember how many times you lost some paper or other files on your PC or laptop. Due to some viruses or system glitches or poor memory, students lose their digital documents. To avoid this misfortune, you may use applications based on cloud technology. Thus, you can save your time and will avoid stress. Your papers will be stored on a dependable application. They will never disappear unless you decide to delete them.

There are numerous cloud storage apps. Each has its advantages and peculiarities. At times, you should pay to use them. Nevertheless, you won’t spend much money. The prices are usually quite reasonable. Purchase any of them cheap and store your writing projects on the chosen application. These apps work online and offline.

You will always know where your projects are. Besides, you can quickly find the necessary essay or other paper. Just like you can buy essay fast, you can access your files at any suitable time. Such a tool is worth buying it.

Top 6 Best Cloud Storage Apps For Students

1. Dropbox

This invention is known by almost every Internet user. You can store your writing projects right there and adjust them if necessary. Besides, it provides automatic photo-uploading (if you want), offers to share data and files, supports Microsoft Office, and has the latest Android features. You’ll have 2GB of free space. It can be increased up to 1TB if you buy it.

2. Google Drive

This cloud storage is well known around the world. Millions of users actively use Google and merely all its creations. Thus, Google Drive is a very resourceful and easy-to-manage application. It has 15GB of space to save your documents. Moreover, you are welcome to save an unlimited number of videos and photos. It offers various office tools to work with files off- and online. You can create spreadsheets, presentations, and take notes. Synchronize it with your smartphone and access the storage right from it.

3. Amazon Drive

The largest-selling website, known as Amazon, also creates unique apps to help users. Thus, it offers Amazon Drive. You can save tons of digital data there. In case you’re subscribed at Amazon and enjoy its Prime program, you will already have 5GB at your storage. Besides, it ensures unrestricted backup of video and image content. Even if you don’t have the Prime, you still can enjoy the same benefits. Pay only $12 per year. You should agree that such price is ridiculous for great conveniences and safety of data.

4. Box

It’s another useful cloud storage, which will keep your files safely. It’s possible to use various management apps to work with your writing projects. You will have two options. If you use it for free, you have 10GB of memory. If you want to use 100GB, pay only $10 per month. The application is easy to manage. It is organized logically and simply.


This great application offers users 50GB of space for storing. It’s remarkable that this space is given for free. Of course, you’ll be able to work with documents online. Moreover, the app provides a unique option of encryption. All the files you upload to MEGA will be fully protected from any damage or crushing down. If you decide to buy it, you can expand the memory from 200GB to 8TB.

6. Nextcloud

This incredible application makes it possible to create your own server. You can easily synchronize the app with your smartphone. It can be easily managed, and you can control where each file goes. You can make your system private and protect files on your own server. Mind that its memory is limited only by your computer. It will have as many free GB as your device has. Therefore, everything depends on your settings and preferences.

Review all available options and buy the most suitable one. Place a custom order now and don’t worry about your digital documents. They’ll always be in one safe place.

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