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10 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives – Programs like Photoshop


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In a world where a novel technological advancement is getting launched every day, every hour, the visual images and visual media is one of the important constituents of our social-technical world. All of us love to click various photos and see multiple amazing clicks and pictures on a daily basis.

Adobe Photoshop is an amazing software which is made for the purpose of editing photos as well as to modify the image to such an extent that it looks completely different. In order to enhance the quality and view of your pictures, Adobe Photoshop is not the only possible way rather there are many alternatives that are available for the same.

Any Adobe Photoshop alternatives has to be a reliable one and to pass the reliability criteria; it should contain certain essential features such as red-eye correction feature as well as multitude of image filters; various editing tools, both manual and automatic, has to be present and it should offer different layers and masks for editing purposes.

There should be an option for choosing plug-ins so as to fill the lacunae in feature settings. In a comprehensive manner, we can say that any alternative for Adobe Photoshop should be able to enhance the efficiency of your work as well as productivity. Let us look at some of the free Adobe Photoshop alternatives that one may use which are mentioned below:

10 Best Photoshop Alternatives 2019 :


gimp image editor-min

It is considered to be one of the best substitutions for Adobe Photoshop due to its flexibility in functioning as well as its powerful features. It has the feature of getting extended by the use of plug-in and has a supporting feature with respect to the masks and layers and advancement in features such as the transformation of colors and other transformations.

You may get these features customized also. It is a wonderful free Photoshop alternative as it has recently provided a novel user interface with sophisticated toolboxes and menu bars within a single window.

2. Photo Pos Pro

photo pos pro-min

It is another free version of Photoshop alternatives and truly an amazing one as it offers the new interfaces with advanced features which are valuable for all users. The novel interface allows to put single click filter options and the adjustments could be done automatically. It also provides the option to put in layers and masks along with brushes used for healing purposes.

You may also save your time which you spend on daily tasks such as editing batches or scripts. The additional frames and template designs are offered as Plug-ins. There is an option to save your favorite filters for future purposes.

3. Paint.NET

paint net-min

It is also one of the free Photoshop tools which provide a fantastic choice of filters and other editing features used for making fine adjustments. Paint.NET is a great program like Photoshop especially when you are dealing with various photos at one time due to the availability of quick access tabs in which thumbnails can be used for each image that has to be operated.

This application is quick functioning and can be run without any problem even in the computers which are lower powered.

4. Pixlr Editor

pixlr editor-min

It is another unique free alternative to Photoshop as it is very well known for its availability in different versions such as for web, Android devices, and personal computers. The major advantages of using this are that all types of styling tools are available along with automatic designer features.

In this, the optimization can be done automatically. It also allows you to have access to different toolboxes with options for customization.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

adobe photoshop express-min

It is another alternative to Photoshop which can be easily used in Windows or Androids etc. there is an option for making adjustments with respect to multiple features in just single tap.

One can also access the different beautiful filters for images but there are certain drawbacks of using this application such as it does not provide offers to add layers and also, it does not support plug-ins.

6. Affinity Photo

affinity photo-min

It is another Photoshop-like program which is most appropriate for those who are involved in professional photography and designing, it is a very cost-effective application as the subscription is not required.

It provides higher speed processing; you may undo your tasks to an unlimited extent.

7. Sketch


It is one of the free Photoshop alternatives which is exclusively famous for its creative features and is often used by web designers. It has a very simple user interface which looks identical to the Photoshop.

Also, there are various Plug-ins support systems which enhance its overall functioning. It is great for the different resolution due to its extremely unique unlimited zooming features.

8. Pixelmator Pro

pixelmator pro-min

This is one of the free Photoshop tools which are used for a long time but the recent pro version is more accessible and has a great image editing feature. In case you do not want any disturbance while watching your image and editing it, there is this amazing facility provided by this application and that is the use of “hidden interface” option which can be activated. This particular software is majorly used for the MAC systems.

9. Corel photo paint

coral photo paint-min

It is wonderful application software for editing of the photos in its specialized CorelDraw Graphics Suite. It provides you with amazing interactive operations through which you may straighten your photos and adjust them as per your own wish.

It provides improvised facilities on control of styles, rotating pics and tilt related operations.

10. Acorn

acorn photo editor-min

It is another free Adobe Photoshop Alternative that is available for image editing purposes. It offers amazing features such as layering and awesome filters, different modes of blending colors and so on.


Therefore, these are different Photoshop alternatives free that you may check and try as per your own convenience and requirements. Make sure that you choose the best one which is the most reliable and enhances your productivity and working efficiency.

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