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Top 5 Best Internet Marketing Strategies For Beginners

The concept of marketing has changed a lot in the recent two years than what it was in the past 50 years. It is an era of digital marketing but it is seen that 46% of the company does not have a definite digital marketing strategy whereas 16% companies have the strategy but did not implement the strategy into the marketing activity. If you do not have any proper plan then you cannot expect any growth. It is now time to use innovative technologies. Apart from that, the decision-maker of the company should make sure that the digital marketing effort creates a huge impact on the market.

The following are some essential strategies that you must take into consideration:

Know what you want to achieve

Before planning the digital marketing strategies you must know the overall objectives of your company. It is very essential to go specific with the KPI and this is only possible when the figures are identified properly. Hence you have to determine a method that will help you to measure KPIs such as Google Analytics. Sales funnel software like Kartra will help you to measure your conversions, individual social media analytics for tracking the engagement as well as access the success of content marketing.

Analyze the past

It is also very essential to know the past success and failures of the company before you make any definite marketing strategy. Apart from that, you must also determine the time period that you would like to analyze. While doing it you must not forget to analyze the competitor’s marketing strategy. It is always advisable to create an analysis spreadsheet of the online activities.

Identify your budget, team, and channel

Defining an overall marketing budget, knowing the capability of the team and selecting the proper channel is very essential in digital marketing strategy. It is very essential to look at the previous historical data that has worked for the company. You have to decide whether you will be using paid promotional ads or not. Again you must also look at your current team and must analyze what your team is capable of. You have to determine whether you need to hire new people or not. Apart from that, the most important thing is to review the current digital marketing channels and determine which channel you need to keep and which you need to subscribe. It is very essential to articulate what kind of digital channel you are attempting to achieve. You have to ensure that there should be at least one KPI attached to your digital channel.

Make your plan before sticking to it

It is very essential to make some effective plan before you stick to it. This may happen that your entire plan may not be your correct decision even from the outset but having a plan in advance will help you to get rid of any panic. It is also necessary to monitor and measure the performance of digital market plan continuously and if it is required to change any element it should be done immediately. It is always advisable to create a timeline with the help of Google Calendar. You can also highlight the important event and campaign in the calendar. It is also essential to document the digital channel that is required for ensuring the success of each campaign.

Be smart with social media

This is an era of social media. As per research, it was found that about 2 million people use social media in 2018 and it is expected that this number will exceed 3 billion by 2021. That is the reason why it is very essential to focus on social media platforms. You must understand the demographics of each social media platform as it can be different for different social media. For example, in case of targeting people of age group 18-29 it is always better to use Facebook since 81% of Facebook users belong to this age group. Again if you need to target non-US users then you must focus on Instagram as 80% of Instagram user mainly lives outside US. This is how you have to capitalize on social media.

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