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5 Top Website Builders to Create an Awesome Website for Various Purposes

It’s not necessary to explain the importance of having a website for any business. On the one hand, it’s a primary means of advertising. On the other hand, it’s the evidence of your online presence on the market.

The process of creating a website is becoming much easier and faster. Nowadays you don’t have to code every page of your website, then test it and fix the bugs. Of course, you may do it if you enjoy the process. However, there is an alternative solution, in particular, website builders. Using them, you will be able to make a professional-looking website even without coding skills.

Website builders usually come with a lot of templates and themes to be used as a starting point. Moreover, there is an editor to customize the template according to your requirements. Thus, website builders have clear and obvious advantages. However, there are a lot of them in the online space. Which one to opt for?

Let’s have a look at the most popular ones in more detail.

  1. Novi Builder

Novi Builder is a powerful website builder that can be perfectly used by any experienced website developer. Working with this builder, you will get access to a variety of well-structured and elegant HTML templates.

novi builder


  • beautiful HTML-based templates with clear code. Thus, it will have a positive impact on your website performance. It’s worth mentioning that HTML templates are becoming more and more popular among web developers. There are various reasons for that. First of all, the installation process is fast and effortless. What is more, the templates are easy to edit. Besides having a fast loading speed, they are also cross-browser compatible and SEO-friendly;
  • a set of essential plugins to add functionality to the website. You may find the ones that are used to add images to the website and change the labels of the form fields. Furthermore, there is also a Countdown, a MailChimp, a Google Maps plugin and others;
  • a code editor that is easy to use. 


  • lack of a Live Chat feature. Due to this, it takes more time to get in touch with the customer support team and receive answers to your questions;
  • as it is intended mostly for professional developers, beginners may find it difficult to use this website builder. 


Novi Builder charges reasonable prices for its membership. There are three options to choose from. All of them have their benefits and pleasant offers. Let’s see what you can opt for:

novi builder pricing

As we can see, the prices are more than affordable, taking into account all the opportunities.


Wix is a website builder, using which it’s possible to create an impressive and interactive website for any project. What is important, anyone can do it without having any coding skills. This fact has contributed to making it a well-known brand in its niche.

wix website builder


  • a variety of stylish and well-structured themes. You will find attractive samples for any type of personal or business website;
  • a good website response time, as well as website performance;
  • a drag and drop editor. This is the main reason why Wix is suitable for beginners. Moreover, due to a mobile editor, you may edit the website and check how it will look like when accessed from a smartphone;
  • various tools to create content for social media and email marketing. 


  • when your website is launched, you won’t be able to switch templates. Thus, it’s important to choose the template wisely;
  • Wix advertisements will appear on your website even if you select a starter pricing plan not mentioning a free one;
  • it’s impossible to export your data if you have to move platforms.


There is an opportunity to choose a free plan. However, in this case your website will carry a Wix branding. As for other options, there are five paid plans, starting from $5 a month and finishing with $25 a month.

  1. WordPress

WordPress is considered to be one of the most popular website builder platforms. Using it, it’s possible to create any website you can just think of. It can be an online store, a marketplace, or a website for a business.

wordpress website builder


  • it’s a free platform. It’s probably the main advantage, as it allows you to control your website completely;
  • a great number of themes, website designs that can be easily customized to meet your requirements;
  • a variety of useful extensions, plugins, add-ons that may be installed to add functionality to your website.


  • it can be a little bit complicated for newbies to work with this platform from the very beginning. It’s worth having some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS;
  • lack of a built-in drag and drop builder. It’s necessary to learn how to operate this platform. One more option is to use the corresponding drag and drop page builder plugins for WordPress;
  • a user is responsible for making backups, installing updates and things like these.


Although it’s a free platform, you will have to pay for the domain name and hosting.

  1. Squarespace

Squarespace is an all-in-one platform with all the plugins, apps, widgets, website analytics included in the builder. Moreover, it has a stylish design.

squarespace website builder


  • templates with impressive designs. All the themes are responsive and highly customizable;
  • customer support is available on a round-the-clock basis;
  • drag-and-drop functionality;
  • an opportunity to add a blog to the website.


  • sometimes it can be time-consuming to add new pages to the website or edit the templates;
  • price is much higher in comparison with other website builders.


There are four pricing plans to choose from. All of them are aimed at a specific target audience. The cheapest one is the Personal plan that costs $12 a month. The most expensive is the Advanced E-commerce plan. In this case, you have to pay $40 a month.

  1. Weebly

Weebly is a user-friendly website builder that can successfully be used by business people, start-up and online store owners.

weebly website builder


  • attractive ready-made templates with a variety of tools to make the website more functional;
  • a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder;
  • competitive pricing plans;
  • dedicated customer support and e-learning opportunities.


  • it can be rather complicated to move the website to a new platform;
  • poor backup system.


You may start with a free plan and try to work with Weebly. However, in this case, you will be limited in your actions. Moreover, you may become annoyed by advertisements you will come across. If you want to get rid of them, it’s recommended to opt for one of the paid pricing plans. The cheapest one costs $8 a month. 


As we can see, all the website builders have their advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, while selecting the proper one to work with, it’s necessary to take into account your skills, objectives, and, of course, budget. Novi Builder is an excellent choice for professional developers, while Wix will be a perfect option for newbies. If you want to impress your visitors with the design, opt for Squarespace. If you are looking for an all-inclusive website builder, it’s advisable to pay attention to Weebly. If you want to save money but need a powerful website, you may start with WordPress.

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