Consumers in the apple shared ecosystem know that their data is almost 100% safe and secured. Apple’s native cloud storage iCloud encrypts the data of its users and stores it safely. It is extremely difficult to bypass iCloud activation. Such is the level of end to end encryption employed by iCloud while storing sensitive data that not even apple can easily access it, should they want to. In some cases, it is usually that a person buys a second-hand iOS device and needs to bypass iCloud activation of the previous owner. But in most cases, it is such that a person’s iCloud account may get hacked, or the person may misplace their own device/s which would be a serious concern of breach of sensitive and personal information.

How to bypass icloud activation locked

The obvious solution would be for the user to attempt to log into their iCloud account again but failing to do so might result in their device resetting itself (apple’s safety mechanism), which would only result in the permanent loss of data.

Thankfully there are ways to bypass iCloud accounts to retrieve your account without any loss of data safely. We will list every method, step by step of how to bypass the activation lock of iCloud accounts.

  • How to bypass iCloud activation online?
  • How to bypass iCloud activation using the DNS method?
  • How to bypass iCloud activation on iOS 11 devices?
  • How to permanently remove data on lost iOS device? (warning: this process is irreversible)


How to bypass iCloud activation online?

This method is the simplest method of bypassing youriCloud locked account. The only requirements are an internet connection, the IMEI number of your device and access to laptop/PC or any other smart device. This process generally takes 2-4 days but requires almost no effort on the user’s end. Keep in mind that this process involves the use of third-party unlocking services which generally charge a fee varying from website to website. The steps to bypass iCloud locks online are

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Step 1 – Go to the website of the unlock service of your choice. We recommend

Step 2 – Select your iPhone model.

Step 3 – Enter the IMEI number of your device.

  • The IMEI number of your device can be found inside, and on the back of the box, your device came in.
  • Older model owners of iPhones can find their IMEI numbers by dialing *#06#.

Step 4 – Finally click on Unlock now option.

Once it has been confirmed that your device can be unlocked, you will be asked to enter your email address and your payment details. They will keep you up to date with the progress, and by the end of 2-4 days, your bypassed iCloud account details will be given to you.


How to bypass iCloud activation using the DNS method?

Many a time it happens that users buy second-hand iOS tablets or phones which are locked by their previous owners. In some cases, it happens that the previous cannot be contacted and thus it falls on the new owners themselves to bypass the iCloud locks on their devices. We will show you how to bypass the iCloud activation locks on these old devices using the DNS method or Domain Name System method.

Step 1 – Switch on your iOS device (tablet or phone).

Step 2 – Select your preferred language and then select your country from the lists.

Step 3 –On the Wi-Fi network page, make sure you are not connected to your Wi-Fi network. In case you are connected, press the ‘i’ button and then tap on ‘Forget this Network.’

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how to bypass icloud activation using the DNS method2.png-minStep 4 – Tap the ‘i’ button of your Wi-Fi network again, and tap on the ‘DNS’ option to insert custom DNS. Keep in mind to enter the DNS address according to your region. The list is as shown below.

how to bypass icloud activation using the DNS method3-min

how to bypass icloud activation using the DNS method4-minStep 5 – Go back to the previous screen by tapping on ‘Back’ option on the top left corner and connect to your Wi-Fi connection by entering your password.

Step 6 – Once you load onto the next page, immediately tap on the ‘Back’ option again.

Step 7 – Now the iCloud DNS bypass screen should come in.

how to bypass icloud activation using the DNS method5-min

Step 7 – Select the ‘Menu’ option to use the phone applications like video, music, phone, etc.

Note: This method is not a complete method as it only bypasses certain aspects of the device. Most other functionalities of the phone remain unusable.


How to bypass iCloud activation on iOS 11 devices?

Apple in their release of the iOS 11 software has introduced a bug which acts as a workaround enabling the bypass of iCloud locks, even with fully functional sim cards inside the device to be unlocked. This method, however, requires that the device in question has 2-factor authentication enabled on it beforehand. Otherwise, it does not work. Here are the steps below.

Step 1 – Switch on your iOS device and continue to the Activation Lock Screen.

Step 2 – Once on this screen check for the option ‘Unlock using passcode’ option below. This option indicates that the device has ‘ 2-factor authentication’ enabled.

Step 3 – Select the ‘Unlock using passcode’ option.

How to bypass iCloud activation on iOS 11 devices2-minStep 4 –Now enter a random six-digit code (example – 000000). You may be prompted to do so multiple times. After a certain number of times, the iCloud lock will be bypassed completely, and you will access to the device.

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Note: This method allows users to completely bypass iCloud activation locks only on iOS 11 versions of devices. Future versions of iOS may not work with this method.


How to permanently remove data on lost iOS device?

This method is generally used as a last ditch resort when the lost device/s is unrecoverable, and the data on the device must be kept from outside use at all costs. This method also only works when the lost device has ‘Find my iPhone’ feature enabled on it and is currently active.

Step 1 – Log in using your iCloud details on another iOS device or your laptop/PC.

Step 2 –  Search and select the ‘Find my iPhone’ option.How to permanently remove data on lost iOS device2-minStep 3 – You may be asked to enter your credentials again. If so, do it.

Step 4 – The devices linked to your account should be now be listed on your screen.

How to permanently remove data on lost iOS device3-min

Step 5 –Select the device from which you want to remove all data and tap on the ‘Actions’ option below.

Step 6 – Now select the ‘Erase device’ option on the bottom right. You may be asked for one final confirmation one last time by entering your iCloud details.

You have now successfully removed all your data on your selected device. Please note that this process is irreversible.

The above-listed methods are some of the easy ways to recover or bypass the iCloud activation locks for various reasons. We must state that contacting Apple directly to recover your lost account would be the safest way but it is generally a tiring and cumbersome process, so we highly recommend the methods stated above.

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