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Clownfish – Best Clown Fish Alternatives & Similar Sites 2018

Want to have fun? How about changing the voice? While we all love a voice where we get flat and wish that our voice be the same as that. Also sometimes we all like to act foolishly by trying out some funny voices. How about the minions?

Well, clownfish voice changer can make your dream come true. The application comes in well equipped with the features and different voices. Not just this, you can also sync the applications to the other social media platforms so that you may use these voices over them. So, who wouldn’t like to try these out?

However, there are some flaws in the platform and hence you need to switch to the other platform to change your beautiful voice. Here are some of the best voice changer platforms given which can help you to do so.

Best Voice Changer Softwares Alternatives To Clownfish 2018

1. Voicemod


This is the first platform we will talk about. Well a great alternative to the clown fish voice changer, you can change your voice and use it over the platforms like the skype, discord Bebo and some other platforms.

You can change your voice to a male, a robot, an alien and more interesting voices which you would like to use. Fool your friends and have fun with over 30 different voices. clownfish for discord? You will forget about the clown fish once you start to use the voicemod. This is the best Voice Changer software currently in the market.

Visit Voicemod

2. AV Voice Changer

av voice changer-min

AV voice changer is a brilliant platform. The fact is not just a skyshot but is absolutely true for a number of reasons. The first being that the platform allows you to record and the audio waveforms help you to alter with your own voice.

You can save the recorded voice in whichever format that you like and then share it on the platform. You can send a recorded message to make the children laugh or you can choose your favorite character and share it with your family and friends. So why not try AV Voice changer as an alternative to the clownfish.

Visit AV Voice Changer

3. Voxal Voice Changer

voxal voice changer-min

Voxal Voice Changer comes in as a software. The basic idea of the software is to provide you with the options so that you can change your voice. You can use the services of the software any of the platform which uses the microphone.

Suppose you are playing a game and then you speak up like an alien, a robot or just a girl. Wouldn’t it add more fun to the game? So why not download the software right now?

Visit Voxal Voice Changer

4. Amazing Mp3 recorder

amazing mp3 recorder-min

The platform comes in the form of an application for the android. Well, its just an mp3 recorder but you can also use this application to change your voice. You just have to make some of the simple changes and there you go.

What makes this application better than clownfish discord is that you can use it anywhere. The application records your voice, that means you can send the saved file wherever you want. Moreover, You get the graphs where you can adjust your voice between the high and low pitches. This means that you can make your voice like a girl making it at high pitched and a heavy voice like a male by making the pitch high.

Visit Amazing MP3 Recorder

5. Funny Call

funny call-min

Well, this one calls for the apple fans. The platform comes in the form of the application for the ios. The application can help you to change your voice when you are calling. You can do a lot of pretty stuff with that. Change your voice to anything you want and prank call.

Well, the application adds more fun to the game due to its ultimate clarity and quick adapting. So go and prank some friends with the help of funny call, which is a great alternative to the clownfish voice changer discord.

Visit Funny Call

6. RoboVox


A brilliant application for Android to completely change your voice. Make your voice mechanical or let it sound like an evil, the application has it all. You can change your voice in anything. You may download it or use it directly onto the application.

One might bring you down the application is paid. You would have to pay some price to use the full features of the application and introduce new voices, but the benefits of the application outstand the payment. Sao tries Robovox today.

Visit Robovox

7. Voice Changer with effects

voice changer with effects-min

Voice Changer effects is another brilliant android application to change the voice of a person. Be it any category, the application lets you change the voice in 35 different forms. So in this way, you would be able to change your own voice to the best.

Share your changed voice over different platforms or trick your friends, the application allows you to do anything. There is crystal clarity in the voice and the frames don’t hang too. The application is available on the android market for free of cost. So bring all the action live by trying out this amazing application.

Visit Voice Changer

8. MorphVOXPro

morphovox pro-min

MorphVOXPro comes into a software which lets you change the voice. The software comes in an as a paid version and is a little expensive. The reason behind this is that the software has some of the professional tools that you may use to change your voice.

With the features like the noise cancellation and other voice adjustments options, you would have a complete control over your voice.

The application is also available for the trial version which may not have all the features unlocked. So go pro and download the software from the official website.

Visit Morphovox Pro

9. Discord voice Changer

discord voice changer-min

Discord Voice changer lets you mimic the voice of the famous characters, robots and other stuff which can make your voice appear as funny, scary and automated. You can use the application for the variety of stuff like pranks, fun, fooling and other things.

The application is just available onto the android store and with the help of the application, you can share the voice over the different social media platforms. So why not give it a sound try?

Visit Discord Voice Changer

10. Skype Voice Changer

skype voice changer-min

What’s so special about this platform is that you can change the voice in the real-time skype call. The application is available on the windows and you simply have to run it to make it club with the skype call.

You can prank your friends with the skype call. The voice sounds completely automated like a robot is speaking from the other side. The application is free to download and all the features come readily unlocked.

Skype Voice Changer

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