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Designing and Creating Applications for Cellular Devices

More and more cellular devices and increasingly represent most computer systems today. That is why it is increasingly important to create applications that focus on this segment. Creating a mobile application requires a number of challenges and complications such as: dealing with limited physical resources such as CPU, memory, screen, input devices, batteries, and more; besides, a variety of environments and contexts with too much noise, too much clarity, situations where we only use one hand depending on the moment, person or place are just a few of the complications that need to be managed when building a mobile application.

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Another important feature when designing and building applications for mobile devices is that they have a clear purpose. Unlike desktop applications where we have applications that are more general purpose, mobile applications have more opportunities for applications that solve more specific problems. An example of a popular desktop application is Microsoft Office which has all the tools needed to solve office problems such as presentations, document creation, spreadsheets, etc. On mobile devices, we will find several applications to solve more specific office problems such as software for spreadsheets, text editor software, etc.

In addition, when designing our application, we must choose the operating system that will be run. At this point, it is also important to know the market, which is the most widely used system, which has more advanced developments, which has a public library, etc. Analyzing the current market for the operating system is that Android already holds 79.3% of the market as expected a few years ago, followed by Apple iOS with 13.2%, RIM with 2.9%, Windows Phone with 3.7% and the system others with only 0.9% of the market. If we look at the data from previous years we will see that Android grows a lot every year. Analyzing data coldly, it seems that Android is a system that is far superior to others and inhibits the market. This system is comparable to brands such as Rolex or Tag Heuer in the market for pre owned watches.

However, Android grows a lot because in addition to being a good system there are many devices that have entered and are increasingly entering the market and most of these devices are equipped with the Android operating system. This also explains why Apple fell on the market in recent years, although this decline is considered small. One of the advantages of the Android system is that it has several versions that run on various devices, such as Android for Motorola, Android for HTC, etc. More and more new smartphones and large companies are joining the Google operating system which has proven to be more reliable and better.

Windows Phone has suffered from delays in entering the market, but it is still a great system like iOS and Android. Another system that has a good market share, Symbian, has been abandoned, so more and more systems are not used and not a good development option.

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