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How To Use VR Headset With Drone – Complete Guide

The new innovation is rolling out in the market nowadays known as drone and some also call it as quadcopter. They have been in the list of the most exciting technologies since years and also many more companies have entered the market with new drone innovations every day.

how to use vr headset with drone

One of the most exciting feature of the drones are that they can even handle a camera to give you live photos and videos from up sky directly to your smartphone display through basic applications on play store.

After getting immense popularity in market, the drone manufacturers of different companies haven’t stopped there as they combined the virtual reality with flying drones and started making drones which are compatible to the camera handling and the controller connects by means of VR (Virtual reality) headset, that is another feeling of being in the sky and viewing from the camera view like a bird.

Some drones comes with preinstalled VR camera to use it through the VR headset with your drone and enjoy virtual live scenes from camera point of view. Virtual reality headsets are the important factor for making you feel realistic while riding like a pilot on the drone from your smartphone controller. Below down we have mentioned some of the best VR for drone. You can also check the best VR Drone with headset on TechFuturae.

VR headsets and VR camera for drone

Before thinking of buying a VR Headet that is compatible drone or VR headset for your drone you need to know some of the basic specifications, compatibility and features that it should have under that price range. So lets see some of the Best VR Headsets that we can use with Drone.

  1. Zeiss VR One 

zeiss vr one

This is one of the best VR for your drone at this low price. You can easily connect your smartphone to stream the FPV footage of your drone camera to your display directly. It supports multiple HD screen resolutions and has many more features along with this. It comes under the price range of US $11-US $20.

  1. EACHINE V-007 pro 

eachine v-007 pro

It is also one of the best budget VR headset in the market especially made for flying drones. It has comfortable headbands and holders. It comes with numerous features and capabilities that make it special and good for flying the quadcopters or drones. We can connect our phone and get a live stream on our screen directly. It comes under the price ranging from US $40-US $50.

  1. Walkera Goggle 4

walkera goggle 4

Walkera Goggle 4 VR (Virtual Reality) headset is the best VR Headset for using with drone when you are looking for and advance gadget at this time. It has high quality pairs of lenses inside to make you feel more realistic than any other VR headset. But one downside is that it only supports Walkera runner 250, F210, Rodeo 150 and Furious 320 drones. But it is still of worth if you can buy the any one of the above mentioned drones.

Its price ranges from US $120-US $150.

How to set up your VR headset with drone

Now that finally you have purchased the drone and the VR headset for enjoying the virtual reality from up sky, and now you need to set up to use the VR headset with the drone. So you just need to follow some basic steps to use VR Headset with Drone.

  1. Of Course the first step is getting a virtual reality headset and drone :P.
  2. Start the drone with its remote, connect in your device and run the app. (make sure your internet is working).
  3. After that when you start to get video response from the Drone, turn the head tracking.
  4. Now calibrate your compass with the remote many times until it turns on the light on aircraft.
  5. You are now ready to take off and wear your VR headset and enjoy the adventure from up the sky.

The method to Use VR Headset with Drone works with almost every Headset and Drone. If you have any other Virtual Reality headset with you, you do not have to worry. Just follow the simple steps written above and you will be ready to take off.


In this article we have told you almost everything about how to use VR headsets with drone. And we hope that you enjoyed reading our article and also find it helpful with our guide, I guess that you have made up your mind in buying one headset. Don’t worry, if still you have any excuses or doubts left with you feel free to ask us in the comments section. We will be happy to help you out in helping you.       

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