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How To Watch & Stream NFL Games Online

Trying to follow your favorite football team’s games? It might be safe to say that you are probably one of those trying to figure out with your cable or satellite service provider the best sports package deal for your needs.  It can also be that you’re one of those who are tired of overpaying for your cable or satellite television subscriptions and is looking to watch the nfl games online through other streaming services. The common goal is to keep up with the football season as much as possible. Well, now you can stream nfl games of your favorite team and others, anytime and anywhere, whether from home or on the go. You can choose from some of the older services and from some of the newer services in the market which are technically better but are complicated to figure and set up.

So, we have put together a comprehensive guide to tell you the best ways on how to watch nfl games online and enjoy your favorite team goes head to head, against their rivals this sporting season.

Best Ways On How To Watch NFL Games Online

  1. The official NFL App

What better way to watch nfl games online than using the official organization’s streaming medium? Rejoice NFL fans, as starting from the 2018 season; you can now watch your favorite teams play live from anywhere you are on the go using the official NFL app available on both Android and iOS devices. The app is available on the apple store, google play store and on the NFL official website.

how to watch nfl games online

The app allows you to watch the nfl games online throughout the regular season as well as the nationally broadcast prime-time games like NBC’s ‘Sunday Night Football’ and the 2018 season’s special ‘Monday Night Football’ games, which are broadcast by ESPN.

Now there are some minor limitations here. You can only freely watch your local team’s (team from where you stay) games, nationally televised game primetime games and the in-demand content games from the season. To get access to all other games and events, you would need to cough up a hefty sum. Even so, considering that this service was only available to paying customers on the Verizon Wireless network before that start of the 2018 season, it is a huge step ahead and a boon for nfl fans who cannot afford to pay much and want to stay updated with their favorite team’s progress throughout the season.

  1. The NFL Game Pass

The NFL game pass is a video and audio live and on-demand streaming service targeted mainly towards the hardcore NFL fans. Fans can watch their local team’s games and even out of market games live or on-demand at their leisure. It works as a team as it works through the pre season. Also, if you want to track a single player to see what he’s been up to, NFL Game Pass is the place to do it.

nfl game pass to stream nfl games online

The NFL Game Pass has several subscription tiers to suit the individual needs of the fans.

  • Season Plus – This is the top tier package you can subscribe to. It allows you to watch all 256 NFL games online and on-demand including the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl each year. NFL RedZone keeps you up to date with the latest touchdowns, and the NFL network is live stream every day for the whole day. Fans also get access to documentaries on their NFL teams and old coveted games from NFL history. This package costs you $99.99 for the entire season and has a free 7-day trial which you can cancel anytime.
  • Follow your team – This package is for those who only want to follow their local teams. You get access to twenty regular and preseason games of the team of your choice live and on-demand. The NFL network is streamed 24 hours every day of the week, and you also get access to documentaries and matches from the NFL archives. This package costs you $64.99 for the entirety of the regular season.
  • Season Catch Up – This package lets you watch all 256 games of the regular season on-demand, on any device of your choosing. You can watch the entire broadcast or watch the major highlights of each game. You also get access to the 24/7 NFL stream and games from the NFL archives. This package will cost you $84.99 for the entire regular season.

You can access Game Pass on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet for convenient on-the-go viewing. But if you are more traditional ‘stay at home and have your friends over’ fan, then you can also access it through your Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, consoles like Xbox One and even Google Chromecast.

  1. TV streaming services

For most fans who don’t subscribe to cable television but want to enjoy regular sports the old-fashioned way albeit, with a little help from modern technology, this is the way to go. Some providers help nfl fans through the process of cord cutting and watching nfl games online but still give you that same old experience at its core, with a modern retouch.

Football fans can access the live streams of major broadcasting channels like CBS, Fox, and NBC in some markets, as well as the most coveted ESPN and the NFL Networks.

  • AT&T’s DirecTV Now– This service gives its users a package including the local channels in select US markets, as well as ESPN and the NFL Network for $55 per month. The basic starter package is $40 which is around 60 channels but does not include the NFL Network.AT&T customers who already have an unlimited wireless plan get the starter pack for around $20.
  • Dish’s Sling TV– This service sells access to the live local Fox and NBC channels in some US markets, as well as ESPN and the NFL Network, for $40 a month with its Sling Orange + Sling Blue package. It does not include CBS. NFL RedZone, an additional NFL cable channel that switches between games to show highlights in progress, costs $10 more per month with the Sling Blue Sports Extra add-on.
  • Youtube TV – Youtube’s service offers you $40-per-month streaming package also includes CBS, Fox, NBC broadcasts in some markets, and ESPN. You do not get the NFL Network. Also, note that this service is available in select cities and regions.
  1. CBS All Access

The CBS All Access streaming platform allows its users to catch up on local nfl games online which airs on the CBS network. This is mainly for those who are casual fans of the sport and don’t want to pay much for something they don’t follow. Users can subscribe for an amazingly low price of only $6 a month. You also get access to the Super Bowl each year.

Amazon Prime members can also avail CBS All Access through Amazon Prime Video. The CBS channel allows people to pay for and watch numerous subscription services with the Prime Video app.

This is a very good deal as you not only get to live stream nfl games when you feel like it but also get access to non-sports entertainment at such a low price.

  1. Watch & Stream NFL on Reddit

If you are a frequent Reddit user or even a beginner, the Reddit community will get you through. The nfl Reddit community is over three hundred thousand strong and you can find the latest discussions, news, and ratings of your favorite nfl teams, players and nfl events.

nfl reddit

The NFL Reddit section has a discord community where you can talk live to other fans in the same discord server or even chat individually to other members.

You have question threads where you can ask various questions and take polls among member of the community about the latest season matches and events.

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Most importantly since it is an online international community, the ‘redditers’ help you find ways you watch or stream NFL games in your home country if you are outside the US. Such as, if you reside in the United Kingdom, you can watch the NFL games for £33.99 a month or £179 for a ten month Sky Sports season ticket on supported devices.

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