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Relieve Stress: Tech or ART?

Worried about your screen-time and need to figure out a more efficient way to use your phone? Keep reading to find out how you can do that in quick and easy ways.

The days of using pigeons for communication are long gone. The days of using a busty old landline to reach someone fled with the wind. Or using horses to get to our destination. The new age has begun. Physical is becoming obsolete. Gadgets of the past that were time-consuming have now been replaced with better, upgraded versions of their purpose.

The fact of the matter is, the world has thrived ever since technology spearheaded the progress. We have email, we have cellphones, and we have cars. On each technological breakthrough, the world has progressed. And the world has become increasingly tech-savvy.

  1. The tech-savvy transition.

The most used and common piece of technology is the cellphone. Small and little gadgets compared to their ancestors. And they accomplish much more. The majority of the population of our planet relies on a cellphone.

These days you can do pretty much anything with one. Make a phone call halfway around the world, drop a message, and send them a video. Things that otherwise took weeks to achieve are now done in seconds. But most importantly, cellphones are great entertainers.

Having a cellphone means you have unlimited tools at your disposal. Tools to help you in getting work done, tools to keep you up to date with things, tools to help you relax and relieve stress. After a long day at work, you come home to unwind and rest and the first thing you do is grab your cellphone. You can do anything on it, watch anything on it. Exciting, isn’t it?

  1. How to use your cellphone to get rid of stress?

When it comes to stress, we all have our own perks to get rid of it. In this day and age, the most commonly accessible stress reliever is a cellphone. You always have it on you.

A cellphone is reliable and portable. You can whip it out anywhere when you are bored. And there is plenty of things you can do on it. Things to get your mind off of things, to distract you and make you feel better, like watching cat videos! Some things you can do on your cellphone to relieve stress generally include:

Games: Everything is connected to the internet. And with access to the internet and your cellphone, that can make one hell of a combo. There are countless games available to download on your cellphone. Different games serve different purposes. They can be challenging and give your mind a little tug or they can be simple and easy to play. The benefits of playing games on the smartphone are feelings of accomplishment and achievement. Every time you beat a game, you will feel a sense of pride. Such emotions provide a necessary distraction from stress.

Applications: Other than just games, smartphones provide an unlimited number of applications for you to download. All applications fulfilling different needs. These applications serve a different purpose for different people, as do smartphones.

Music: Download music and make a playlist! Music has often been used as a great way of relieving stress. It helps you relax and releases the chemicals in your brain that make you feel at ease.

TV shows: You can download the latest TV shows to watch while you are in bed at night.

Social media: Download a social media app like Facebook and Instagram. Stay in touch with people and take pictures to share with the people you love. Possibilities with a cellphone are endless.

  1. Reducing the reliance on JUST the cellphone.

However, too much of anything isn’t healthy. Relying on a cellphone too much can make you addicted to it. It can make you miss out on things happening around you, experiences in person. Using your phone excessively can have adverse effects on your health, it can damage your vision, limit your capacity to adapt and interact. Which is why it is important to have some hobbies outside of your cellphone too.

Hobbies to relieve stress such as cooking. Learning how to make your own food and different kinds of food can help trigger the creative part of your mind. Learn a new language. You can also exercise. Do yoga on a daily basis to keep yourself physically fit.


Art is also another hobby you can take up to relieve stress and feel better about yourself. Art is all about creating something. Bringing your vision to life. Anything that makes you feel something can be art. But to take part in the creation of something comes with its own feeling importance and progress.

Art is anything you put your skill and imagination to. And art comes in various categories such as music, literature, dancing, and painting. All of these are considered art in their own rights.

Painting, to be more specific:

Painting is considered to be one of the best stress relievers. Painting gives you the ability to bring your feelings out in the open. It is a form of self-expression and gives you some much needed ‘me time’. You can forget about all your responsibilities for a while and completely immerse yourself in it and you don’t even have to be an expert at it.

Diamond Painting:

A more therapeutic and relaxing form of painting is A form of painting where you create a beautiful image out of brightly colored diamonds. A DIY art project where you get a canvas with a faded outline on it. And all you have to do is place the diamonds on the right spots to complete the project.

Mind you, it is not as simple as it sounds. Diamond paintings come with their very own kits to make it easier for you. Read preliminary tips for diamond art and get started like a pro. The diamonds are cut from colorful resins that shine brightly under any light shun on them.

You use a pen-like a tool to pick up the diamonds and stick them on the canvas in their rightful place. And don’t worry, you get a color-coded guide that tells you where each colored diamond goes. Diamond painting requires focus and attention and once you start, you will soon forget about all your troubles and it will help reduce your stress and anxiety as you would be too eager to finish your project.

It is sure to keep you captivated and busy for quite a while. And it looks beautiful once completed, ready to be stuck up on the wall in your living room! If you’re new at this and need a set of DIY tools, there are many sites that sell outstanding diamond painting kits.

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