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Setting Your Screen With A Standing Desk – How To

Standing desk allows to maintain good health and reduces chronic disease possibilities. Good body balance, maintaining posture and right use of standing desk can give more benefits than a regular sitting desk. Besides, scientists’ study shows if we work sitting all day, then we will remain motionless about 70% of the day. It is necessary to work standing for 6 hours a day. But just standing does not allow to get all its benefits. For that you have to set your standing desk and its other components according to your height and comfort.

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Screen is one of the main thing of work desk. We pass most of the time looking into it. But if we do not follow certain rules and adjust it accordingly, then it may cause neck and shoulder pain. That is why it should be adjusted in a proper way. For that we need to adjust the desk height first. While doing this we have to maintain certain posture.

Standing straight and head towards ceiling. Shoulders should be kept slightly back and the neck has to be straight forward. Arms has to be down by side, bending elbow to 90 degrees. This helps to work in resting position.this enables to work freely while looking at the screen. In case of eye position, you have to maintain a single rule.The monitor must be at arm’s length or slightly further -between 15.7 inches and 29.5 inches from you Adjust your screen to a height where your eyes will be straight to the screen.

This allows to keep neck and shoulders in right position. Thus you will have no problem at all. Remember, you should not adjust your screen to a position where you have look down or up. Always look straight forward. This helps your muscles remain in place.

This was about posture. Now let’s go to screen types. There are two types of screens and standing desks available. One is desk mounted and another is free standing. For desk mounted ones you need to buy a stand. But sometimes it may come with the desk. You have to look for holes on your screen where you can add the stand. Generally stands help to keep the desk clean. It also looks modern with a desk mounted screen. You can attach it at the edges of the desk.

If you use a desk mounted screen it helps to move or adjust easily.without alleviating neck and eye strain, feeling free to move at your workstation can relieve stress in your back, shoulders, knees, elbows. An adjustable monitor arm lets you do that. So try it before you go with anything else.You can have things all in arm’s reach as your screen is up and out of the way, you can make note gardens, stack cities of papers, or have more space for actual plants, or even good old fashioned blank desk space. To know more about these click here.

But still you can use a  free standing monitor. You know everything has some own uses. Standing monitors have higher portability. You can set it easily on a standing desk. Besides you  do not need to adjust it with the screw driver, screws or something like it. Just unpack and put it on the table. Besides it costs less than the mounted ones.

Specially if you want to set your desk in low budget, you can pick it. Besides, there is less importance of buying a desk mounted screen. If you want a stylish desk or you are very in need of space then you can go for  a desk mounted monitor. otherwise, it will be better to buy a free standing one.

Now how you can mount monitor to your desk. You can either use a stand or arms. Arms let you move the monitor in different direction. While the stand provides less facility in this case. Arms are costly than stands. If you do not need to move monitor too often then stands will be better to use. But with arms you can change distance, angle and specially height. Stands generally provide angle and height adjustability. So, arms are generally used in professional works.

For regular work stand will be the best. On the other hand, arms give extra height to monitors. You can easily lift it up and make a space for sticky notes or some handy files. While stands will take a small amount of space on your desk. But is preferable for generals. It is also easy to handle and set up. In case of durability, product studies shows that, stands are more durable in case of desk use. Arms hinge may get loose or break. But there is less chances of having these with stands.

But at the end, it all depends on you. What ever you prefer, just go through this link for further assistance Just keep in mind that, the definition of  best depends on yourself. A thing best to someone may not be good at all in some cases. And there are lots of products that will be best for setting your standing desk. Just keep it in mind that you have to maintain a body posture that is a must for the perfect use of standing desk. Besides, look into the sites for more.


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