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10 Best Inexpensive Sites Like Netflix to Use in 2019

It is an undeniable fact that Netflix is the first choice of Global streamers. When it comes to watching on-demand videos and latest content online, Netflix wins the favor at once. But in case Netflix has dissatisfied you at any point of time, you are lucky enough to get sites like Netflix in this article.

Sometimes Netflix is just not worth it because of a variety of reasons. Errors or bugs may be one of them. But prices will be the major reason for dumping Netflix. All can’t afford Netflix subscriptions and that can’t stop users from watching awesome content. Utilizing Netflix cookies is the best way to surf Netflix for free though.

However, if you have decided to get rid of Netflix, here we are. We have created a list of Netflix alternatives to keep you absolutely satisfied and away from any kind of hassles that Netflix can impose. Let’s begin with identifying the best sites like Netflix.

Have an entertainment budget of $ 5 per month or $ 50 per year? Choose acorn.TV to entertain you. You can link the software on Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku plus for enjoying unlimited content at your leisure.
For people who have Amazon Prime membership, acorn provides you partners program at no extra cost. Isn’t it amazing? That’s why we consider it’s the best Netflix alternatives.

HBO now

HBO now shows can convince you to watch it 24/7 without getting bored. The wide varieties of content available on HBO now make it one of the premium television channels. HBO now already have a subscriber base of 5 million.

Some of the best shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld have made HBO now the favorite of many. The moment you spend $ 14.99 per month, you become eligible to access a variety of HBO now movies, sports stream documentaries and seasons.


One of the best US-based entertainment websites has thousands of movies and television shows. It works even with average quality internet connectivity. Hulu has a comforting collection of content that never fails to entertain the audiences.

Here’s why you should Hulu this year instead of Netflix: Netflix vs. Hulu


Made with lots of love in India, box TV has content in 9 different languages. Kannada, Hindi, Urdu and Guajarati content is commendable enough to entertain a wide range of audiences. Box TV is available all over in United States, UAE, Singapore, India, and the UK.

The affordable price range of box TV in comparison to other Netflix alternative makes it the favorite among Indian online streamers. One of the best sites like Netflix must include BoxTV.


Apart from Netflix, there is an alternative that never fails to entertain the audiences. Stan is amongst the topmost streaming website that has been invented in Australia. Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad are few exclusive shows available on the streaming website at high definition quality. With a price tag of $10 per month, you can always afford to get entertained throughout your journey and leisure.

Amazon Instant Video

Amazon impeccably impresses the people by delivering high-quality contents at very nominal prices. In fact, Netflix lovers are gradually switching on to Amazon instant videos for reducing their entertainment cost and getting more variety of content. That’s why this is one of the best sites like Netflix.

Amazon Prime has multi-tier benefits for the users. You can enjoy the latest movies and get to know the exact workability of the platform through 30-day trial pack. Thereafter, you are expected to pay a price of $ 99 per year which is completely feasible if compared with the price list features of Amazon instant video.


Wal-Mart has been picking up customers by launching back to back different products. Recently, the multinational brand has plunged into the digital world by launching Vudu online streaming platform. You can purchase television shows and movies just similar to Amazon at a very low price.

Popular shows, best of movies, and plenty of seasons are readily available at Vudu round the clock. Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy the free version of Wal-Mart product because of there no arrangement for free trial packs. However, you can get a slight idea about the election through the homepage of Vudu.


Are you tired of watching info commercials in the middle of streaming content? If yes, try out crackle as one of the finest alternatives of Netflix. Also, you’re trying to save on entertainment expenses; crackle is of one-stop choice for all the digital streamers.

House of line, District 9 and dagger are just a few examples that we have included in our life. Once you try out crackle personally, you will only recommend it to all the people who are looking forward to the worthwhile streaming option.


Are you a big fan of foreign movies? Fandor is there to cover all your requirements by portraying HD content at a price range of $7.50 per month. You can confidently watch foreign movies by becoming a member of an amazing Netflix alternative.

Movies like Insomnia and blind, propaganda and quirky cult are heavily appreciated by the Fandor users and that is why we’ve included Fandor in the list of best sites like Netflix.


Don’t have any idea about the best Netflix alternatives? Now you have M-GO as the best platform for online movies. A well-organized streaming website has lot many things to entertain the users. Also, it has a recommendation from different users so that you always end up watching something sensible every time.

Wrapping up

Watching the latest movies in a cinema theatre can literally burn a hole in the pocket. Apart from the movie tickets, there are miscellaneous expenses on food and traveling which can make you reluctant for an outing.

However, with the best sites like Netflix, that is options to entertain you at very rational prices. You can go solo and enjoy whatever genre of content captivates your attention.

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