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Correctly used, two-way radios have the power to transform a business. Whether used alone or with a combination of other devices, two-way radios can solve countless problems associated with communication at the workplace. They are also used to address security, productivity and collaboration issues.

What’s the difference between two-way radios and traditional analogue radios?

As I learnt from Acces communications, traditional radios use audio signals set on specific frequencies to send signals to each other.

For the longest time, the police force have been using two-way radio communication; they still do. However, these radios have evolved and no longer take the entire back seat of the police vehicle. That was a time when the range was also limited to a few meters.

The paradigm shift from analogue to digital ways of doing things brought massive changes to two-way radios. Currently, they use digital mobile radio technology. This technology is used to digitize voice communications.

What I mean by digitizing voice communications is, this technology converts the sound of voice into the same numbers and letters as those in computers. This digitalization process has brought about the possibility of multiple conversations on the same radio frequency. It has also offered better sound clarity which has attracted the use of these gadgets for both commercial and industrial purposes.

Which are the available two-way radio systems?

Two-way radio rental services offers an array of radio systems. However, they type you choose will depend on your intended purpose, the number of users and your location.

Let’s delve into specifics.

  • Conventional

This is the most basic consumer two-way radio communication system. It is best suited for a single location with not more than 150 users.

  • IP site connect

If you are a small or medium business owner, this is the best radio system for your organization. It also connects from 1 to 150 people but it uses repeaters  as well as existing data network to connect to other multiple locations that are meters away.

  • Capacity plus

Capacity plus is the ideal solution for approximately 100 users who are situated across different locations. This system links and turns these different locations into a single unit. It manages traffic and disparate repeaters to ensure seamless communication.

  • Linked capacity plus

This is a multi-site capacity plus that uses the same network as IP site connect but for an even larger crowd.

  • Capacity max

Last but not least, we have capacity max two-way radios. These cater to the largest amount of users (thousands of users) who are thousands of miles apart.

What are the main uses of two-way radio communication systems?

Once you understand the main benefits of two-way radios, it will be more clear why some organizations prefer them to cellphones.

Not only are these radios durable, but they are also cost-effective as they do not have any subsequent recurring costs like cellphones. Besides, they are solely built for businesses and other large organizations.

Apart from the above, below are other benefits of two-way radios.

  • GPS tracking
  • Are perfect for emergencies
  • Are reliable
  • Are not affected by bad signals

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