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Useful Rust Console, Admin & Server Commands

We are bringing out various rust commands together so that players, admins or users can easily search them and find them listed with the explanation at one place. All commands and variables may behave in a different manner at times, so the user needs to know about them in detail. While using these commands, one may observe that few of these will be supported in the games only, while others may fit with those third-party Remote Console tools.

Useful Rust Console, Admin & Server Commands-min

Rust Admin Commands

The game controller needs to know specific rust admin commands that help to keep a tab on all the latest happenings inside a game and the players who are connected.

  • moderatorid STEAMID: When an existing admin needs to give access to a new admin, this rust command is used. SteamID is used while matching. When a player uses the colon (:), they must enclose it within quotes. One can use an underscore (_) also. Example



  • kick Name: This command is used to kick someone from the server. Unique partials work in this case, admin doesn’t need the full name. When this command is executed, a Kicked message is broadcasted to the server.
  • ban: It is used to execute a kick ban. Then this message is also broadcasted to the server.
  • banid STEAMID: When the admin has to ban a user from the steamid, he/she can execute this command. This is an administrative punishment type and is not broadcasted to the rest of the server.
  • status: When the admin has to print out a list that consists of clients, their respective pings, stream id, and IP address. This task could be frustrating if it is used on a server with unlimited participation. When the admin executes it, there are chances server may hang for some moment.
  • give ITEM AMOUNT: When a user wants an item for himself, he can use these commands. While mentioning the item names, it has to be in short form e.g arm_bolt, metal_ore etc. Check the inventory item list before going for any name.
  • no clip: When the admins click Shift+L, it turns on no clip command.
  • Free cam: Click Shift+P to turn the free cam on. However this command processes really slow.
  • teleport “playername”: This command is there in the 2018th version updated list. The admin has to mention the name for this, e.g. teleport “John”.
  • teleportany (entity): If a player wishes to teleport an inventory that he selected earlier, he has to use this command, e.g. teleportany (gun).
  • onwerid steamidon64bits “name”: It is used when the admin wants to log in as an owner.

Rust Server Commands

There are certain commands that both admin and players can access to make certain changes in the server. In this case, rust server commands are used. These commands are listed below with their description:

  • writecfg: There are several files in the config folder of “identity folder” under server folder. Sometimes when the admin wishes to delete these files, he can force the server to ban all theses moderator ids’. If the server crashes during the process, the admin can lose all these records. Therefore he should execute this command one by one.
  • Say “I am server console”: Admin can use this command to speak as a server control.
  • globalchat 0: If the admin wishes to make some private text chat local, he can use this command. By this, users close to each other can see their messages. By default, this value is set to 1.
  • time 0-24: It is used to set the server’s time, e.g. env.time 22 = night.
  • stop “reason”: When one executes this command, the server stops with a valid reason being on display.
  • save: This command is executed to save the player data and map forcefully.
  • start: When this server is executed, the server forcefully starts even though it had been running earlier.
  • stability true/false: Server stability is enabled, if set to true, otherwise it is false.
  • restart: When executed, the server restarts with a set warning of 300 seconds at 5-second intervals.
  • steamgroup “steamgroup ID”: The admin can add only those players to the server those who are in that particular steamgroup.
  • popupall “message”: It is used to send a message to everyone in the server. The message pops up on the monitor’s middle screen.
  • Status: The admin uses this command to see the player’s status who are connected to the server at a particular time.
  • Find *: When executed this command brings out the list of available console commands.
  • Banist: When used, this command displays a list in which all the banned steamID64’s information are displayed.
  • autosavetime “amount”: It displays by default how many times the server will perform an autosave function. By default, it is set to 600.
  • topos “player””Pos X””Pos Y””Pos Z”: Execute this command if you wish to teleport a player to the coordinates. Mention the full name here, for e.g. teleport.topos “Ramya” “Pos Z”.
  • complete: This command completes every single crafting process that has been running in the background’s server.
  • cancel: This command cancels the crafting process whose progress is going on.
  • pvp true/false: It is used to switch on the PVP or turn it off.

Rust Console Commands

Console part is rust’s library that is utilized to get an access to the required terminal features. It comes with various tools that the gamers can utilize while playing and to build a great command line interface. Useful rust console commands are listed below:

  • login password: The player can use his password to login into Rcon through the in-game console. One can directly press F1 for this.
  • perf 1: When this command is executed, the fps box pops up on the screen’s bottom left side. Point it to perf 0 to disable it.
  • limit -1: If a number other than -1 is used, it will lock the fps. To remove ay fps lock from the server, type fps.limit -1.
  • sensornudity false: Admin can keep checking this function in the option. At times players are told to copy and paste this line “sensornudity false” so that admin can hear them screaming due to horror.
  • kill: This command is used to kill a player.
  • connect ip:port : This command is used to connect a player through his IP address.
  • seed: This command shows the server’s seed output that the player has been connected to for a while. It is used with the map display and to support other players.

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