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Forgotten Windows Passwords? Here’s How To Recover It – 5 Methods

“I forgot my Windows 10 password and can not change it …” Oops! It’s really frustrating if you have an urgent need to access the computer. Fortunately, we still have solutions to recover the forgotten password lost under Windows. This article thus collects the top 5 solutions, in which Windows Password Key is the most recommended.

Method 1 : Reinstall your Windows 10 and access your PC without a password

A safe reinstallation of Windows 10 is one of the harsh ways to solve the problem of forgetting the Windows password. This option may be the final choice as it will erase your hard drive. In addition, the process is complicated and takes a lot of time.

Method 2 : Guess your password

It seems a bit absurd to guess your forgotten Windows 10 password, but it works in some cases. You usually create a password related to:

  • Your name, the name of your friends and your family
  • Info of the pet
  • Birthdays
  • Home address or office address
  • Lucky numbers or important numbers

Try variations and combinations of these possibilities and recover your password.

Method 3 : Ask the administrator to change your forgotten password Windows 10

If you share your computer with others, one of them may configure the administrator’s access level, so you can ask him or her to change your Windows 10 password with his account.

Obviously, this option would not be useful and it is better to try a Windows password recovery software when you are the only user on your computer.

Method 4 : Use a Windows password reset disk

If you have created a Windows password reset disk, now is the time to use the disk.

However, I think many of you do not have this kind of record because you do not think about forgetting the password before it becomes a reality. If so, read next.

Method 5 : Using WinPassKey For Password Recovery


WinPassKey Windows Password Recovery has all the benefits you want to try. It recovers the administrator password and the lost or forgotten user password for the local account and the Microsoft account, without the need for any advanced measures. 100% safe for your data and computer. Follow the simple steps below to work around the Windows 10 password.

Step 1. Download Windows Password Key. Install and run the program on another available PC. It provides you with 2 ways to burn a password reset disk. The default way is “Quick Recovery”, just insert a USB flash drive into the computer. Then click on “Burn”.

Or, select “Advanced Recovery”, select the version of your Windows, and click “Burn”.

Step 2. Insert the newly created USB key into the locked Windows 10 computer. Configure the USB key as the first boot device in the BIOS setup. This computer will restart.

Step 3. Windows Password Word launches, follow the instructions on the interface to reset your Windows password.

That’s all. Do you have an idea about forgotten password recovery Windows 10? Share us by leaving us a message.

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